About Us

We are Canadian Parents



EIO Baby CO was founded by a mom of two boys looking to bring her fellow Canadian parents the best baby and toddler products from around the world. Even better, we specialize in products that were invented by parents like us.    


We Love our Products


 The products that we represent are those that we have personally used and loved, or those which we have sourced out hearing amazing things about them from our friends, family or other parents alike.  It truly does take a village to raise one child and we are so fortunate to be one part of our customers parenting journey and extended village.   

Your Precious Little Ones


 Parenting can be hard, scary, and a "little" challenging but also is truly the best thing ever.  The products we bring into our amazing country are those that will make your parenting path a little less scary and hard so that you can enjoy those best moments with your precious little ones even more.